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About Us

Setter Mountain Food Group, Inc

"Mission in Life"

     Our purpose here at "Setter Mountain" is to provide our customers with the very best possible taste experience they can have and to enjoy our products to the fullest.

     We use locally sourced ingredients from around Virginia and the Mid-Atlantic region.  Our herbs and spices are "Certified Organic" from a farm in Virginia.  We add NO artificial colors or dyes to our products, we do not use flavorings or preservatives in the production of our products.  If "Mother Nature" didn't give it to us...we don't use it!

     All the products produced by "Setter Mountain" are prepared in "small batches" and hand crafted.

     Bon Appétit ! 


Setter Mountain Food Group, Inc. was founded by Dennis & Gail Flynn in during the first part of the East Coast's "Snow-magedon" in 2009.  During that time Dennis and Gail were stranded in their home for the entire month of December.

During the month of February 2010, a neighbor said that they were going to have a "Cabin Fever" party and asked Dennis to prepare the Ribs and a BBQ sauce.

While cooking and enjoying the festivities, several guests asked if they could have the recipe and one guest offered to pay for the ingredients if Dennis would make a gallon of his BBQ Sauce (A product was born!)

Since that time, Dennis and Gail have grown "Setter Mountain Food Group" into a small business that produces two BBQ sauces, two Pasta sauces, 10 different flavors of Wine Jelly, two Apple Jellies and a couple of "Dry Rubs" and "Marinades".

Just another example of what can be accomplished while being snowed-in!