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Apple Jellies

"Two of the most delicious jellies you'll ever put in your mouth!"  That's what one customer said when they purchased our Apple Jellies for gifts.  Yet another has called our Spicy Apple Jelly, "an Apple Pie without the crust!"  Our Apple jellies are made exclusively from Apples grown in Virginia.  They're fresh pressed and we pasteurize them and filter the juice.  Then we make them into either our "Spicy Apple Jelly" or our  "Rosemary Mint Apple Jelly".

We make our Rosemary Mint Apple Jelly to be an accompaniment to lamb or ham dinners without the green food coloring included in most mint jellies a lot of people use.  The addition of rosemary to our mint jelly adds another depth of flavor.

Our "Spicy Apple Jelly" is not "spicy hot," instead it really does taste like an apple pie without the crust.