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BBQ Sauces

Setter Mountain Food Group, Inc. Manufactures two of the best examples of BBQ Sauce you will probably ever taste.  We don't make "HOT" BBQ Sauces, we make extremely well crafted BBQ Sauces that are full of flavor and a smoky goodness that is unrivaled!  Try one or try both, they will leave you wanting more (of anything you put with them).

Our "Smoky Bourbon" BBQ Sauce, is just that!  A mouthful of smoky goodness with just a touch of quality Virginia Bourbon Whiskey blended with Brown Sugar and Molasses.

Our second BBQ Sauce is our version of a "North Carolina" style BBQ Sauce.  It's called "Tangy Mop & Slop."  Apple cider vinegar, tomatoes, herbs and spices are slow simmered to perfection.  It also makes an excellent marinade for chicken, pork,  and believe it or not seafood (swordfish, halibut, shark and tuna and don't forget shrimp).